HoMe oF ThE UnDeaDzZz
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 HeLLoZz To FeLLoW Rykengoll

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Rob Zombie[X]
Rob Zombie[X]

PostSubject: HeLLoZz To FeLLoW Rykengoll   Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:21 pm

HeLLoZz To OuR FeLLoW Rykengoll CoUsiNzZz!!

ThE ZoMbiEzZ aRe HaPpy To WeLcOmZz YoU aLLzZ To OuR HoMe.
PosT On WhaTeVeRzZ FLoaTzZ YeR BoaTzZ!!

EnJoY YoUr StaY.



FoR MoRe ZoMbiE iNfOzZz .....cLiCkz ThisZ LiNkZzZ.......
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HeLLoZz To FeLLoW Rykengoll
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