HoMe oF ThE UnDeaDzZz
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 Hello Neighbors

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PostSubject: Hello Neighbors   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:59 pm

You have some wicked cool smilies alien

Should the Aesir learn what cool smilies you have, they might leave me and all come here lol.. Thanks for the invite to your forum and I look forward to spilling more blood with mah Zombie friends.

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Rob Zombie[X]
Rob Zombie[X]

PostSubject: Re: Hello Neighbors   Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:08 pm

WeLcOmEzZ FeLLoW Rykengoll To ThE FoRuMzZ oF ThE UnDeaDzz......

EnJoY OuR LoVeLy HoMeZz...............JusT ReMeMbErZz.....LeaVe YoUr SpaCe HeLMeT OnZz FoR SaFeTyZz...
NeVeR kNoWzZ WheN a NaKeD SkULLzZ WiLL HuNgeR a Zombie...

PosT oN WhaTeVerZz Ya LiKeZz ....WheNeVerZz Ya LiKeZz...

aNd FEeL FrEeZz To TiP ThE ZoMbiE WeNcH WaiTrEsS iN ThE ZoMbiE PuBz..
.....JusT DoNt TiP HeR oVeRzZ ToO FaR.....HeR HeaD PoPzZ oFf FroM TiMe To TiMeZz....



FoR MoRe ZoMbiE iNfOzZz .....cLiCkz ThisZ LiNkZzZ.......
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Hello Neighbors
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