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 Procyon Theta system battle

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PostSubject: Procyon Theta system battle   Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:32 am

A message to all brainZz craving Zombies:

We all know that zombies love brainZz,
but did you know that 'Nogg brainZz' are by far the tastiest?

In fact, Nogg brain cells are so rare that they are considered a delicacy in most parts of the world and have been known to attract a very high price.

Luckily for you my hungry groaners, I intend to smear the afore mentioned brainZz far and wide across the Theta system and
I am hereby formally inviting any peckish Zombies to come and join in with the frenzied feasting.

Dinner starts at 19:00 GMT, Saturday the 9th on Procyon
though it is recommended that you arrive at 18:30 to be able to take part in the pre-event name calling.

The highlight of the evening will undoubtedly be the sharing-out of the remaining Nogg bodyparts - so be sure to bring plenty of foodbags.
(I should however point out that Nogg's spleen is already claimed as I will be mounting it on my Eagle's tailfin as a mascot.)

Happy hunting.
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Procyon Theta system battle
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